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In your opinion, what is the ideal workplace ?

Dernière mise à jour : 24 déc. 2020

When given the time to deem about his future workplace, one may consider that it would not having to work at all. Yet this kind of exception is unfortunately not to be attained by most people. Although it may not tend to be fulfilled in the coming years, one may wonder what would be to his mind the ideal workplace.What may occur to mind is that the ideal workplace would be a place in which you feel you belong and a place where you can evolve at your own rhythm with all due respect to the firm you work in.


Notwithstanding the fact that your workplace is not a similar version of a kindergarten, you should tend to feel at ease with the surroundings you spend most of your time in. To my mind, a place in which you utterly feel that you belong is a place where you are respected, you are a mind and a soul and all in you is unique and therefore you should not to be reduced to a composition of five of six numbers and only be known as such. Your paycheck should not be the sole reflection of who you are.


Even though having the sensation that you stand where you are meant to is already a huge source of personal achievement, you may also desire to be able to ascend within your company. If so, you should be given the opportunity to do so. There should be no such thing as discrimination, should it be concerning gender, race, sexual preferences and so on. You must be capable of proving yourself worthy regardless of what may disrupt some. They would have to understand that it is your differences that makes you the human being that you are.


Perhaps one may want to sit in a chair in an open space room and spend his days wondering he is working on such pointless files. However it could not be my way of perceiving my ideal workplace. A firm or more generally a workplace should make you someone that matters, or at least you should give yourself the opportunity to. Why would you rather analyse your firm's profits where thousands of babies are dying due to either hunger or lack of health care services ? And you don't ever have to go beyond your very own borders to be the witness of others's every day sufferings. It would be such a pity to not give yourself the means to make the world change, instead of just trying to make ends meet. Although it may be already quite oppressing.


Thereby, the ideal workplace would be somewhere where you can feel that you can be yourself and where you can evolve at your own rhythm.

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